Remembrall: Body Love

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Not everyone looks good skinny. I know, I just shook the world, but I wish I would have known that fact for the last 15 or so years of my life. I spent high school being active and involved, yet I was bigger than everyone else. Height and body portioning didn’t matter in my head. The only thing that mattered was that thin people with no curves were beautiful and my thick curvy self need not apply.

At one point I got down to 179. I was small. You could see my ribs, all of them. Yet I was expected to be down between 158 and 165. I would have looked gaunt and wretched. I wish someone would have told me that I shouldn’t keep striving for thinner. Thinner does not equate happier or even better. It just equates different. I wish someone would have told me that was okay. Feeling good in myself is okay.

#effyourbeautystandards is making huge headway not only with me personally, but across the world. Daily, I am trying to teach myself that I love what I have. Some days, I don’t like how I look in something, or that my freckles are being you know, freckly but I am working on loving this body I have. It works for me, it does what it’s supposed to, but it’s the only one I am getting.

I wish someone would have told me it’s okay to love the body your with.


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