I finally figured it out! Slice of Life 7

It’s been a pretty dull day around these parts. I got to stay at the tournament hotel last night, which was a fun bonus since I expected to be driving back and forth today. Unfortunately at 5 am I got an abrupt wake-up call when someone smacked the door with their palms as they ran by. I was up, so I might as well suck it up and do my workout a bit early. I walked from the hotel to the coffee shop, had the most delicious muffin and walked back to not be called to judge.

Debate judging at state is a little like selecting a jury. If they don’t think they can win in front of you, they don’t select you. Since I haven’t judged in Iowa and people don’t generally know me, I am pretty much not working. So I have been paid for five rounds of judging that I have not judged. So I have been amazingly productive. I graded all of my assignments minus the book report posters in my classroom and I have walked around campus, I had a delicious teriyaki shrimp bowl and sent all my engagement emails to online students.


Here’s the big one.

I finally figured out how to track my engagement emails! See I’ve been doing this awhile and just haven’t found a system I love. I have to show when I contact students and how I do it, and what happens when I contact them. The problem being that the students often give wrong emails because they don’t want to be contacted but more problematic is the constantly changing enrollment. Online school allows a student to be enrolled in a class for a varying length of time. It could be a year or it could be two weeks. The student could also finish a class in two weeks that could have taken a year. My online school is moving to a RTI system similar to that in a Brick and Mortar school and it’s a pain. Most of my students are credit recovery and ALL of my students are in a different state. The problem being that if they don’t want to be found, they will not be found!

Today I figured out an email work around plus a spreadsheet that I think will work. Go me!


7 thoughts on “I finally figured it out! Slice of Life 7

    • myeclecticdesk says:

      Online school really depends on the the school. I don’t make the curriculum and in alot of ways, I do trouble shooting and tech support. We have great curriculum creators. Yet I don’t feel like I do a ton of teaching. Lots of hunting kids down and encouraging them to get going or keep going.


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