Too Much Month at the End of my Money SOL 9

I was going to write yesterday but just decided to stay away from the computer. I read and hung out with the family and just enjoyed the time away from my technology. Today I had to go to an online meeting for my online teaching job, and I am just not feeling it.

When I first started for this company four years ago, it was fun. I genuinely enjoyed the opportunities I had and the people I got to meet. Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where I have more responsibilities for my online job than I do my regular job and I get paid substantially less. Unfortunately, the paycheck is keeping us afloat while we have double mortgages while we wait for the house in GA to sell. I was hoping that the new college position I got would suffice and I could quit the online job, but no go on that, although I am really excited about that position.

Sometimes I just can’t believe that I have almost 3 degrees and I am still so poor. Given the other mortgage doesn’t help, but we just plain have too much month at the end of our money. Working so hard to not be able to do anything with it but pay bills sucks. I’m over being an adult ya’ll. I’m trading it in, I am done with adulthood. Naptime here I come.


5 thoughts on “Too Much Month at the End of my Money SOL 9

  1. ReadWriteThruLife says:

    I love the saying “too much month at the end of our money”. I think I shall use it. Hang in there! There are benefits to being an adult and a degreed adult namely – the ability to control your own destiny. You have choices!! Okay, sometimes the money looks better but choice is good.


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I admire your hard work. Be persistent. Be diligent. Believe! Your house will sell soon! Just keep going and know that many of us wish there was more money than month!!


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