Is it break yet? Poetry about Parents

Dr. Seuss I am not, but this is what I got. Rhyming aint no thang unless it throws off your game. #fail

It’s that himp hump hippity hop

hippity, hippity hop hump day,

grades be dropping,

parents are squawking,

“But what can my baby do?”

“Well ma’am, he could care as much as you do!”

“But I can do it for him, he is so busy anyway

He can’t work when he has to play!”

Flying flying all around,

helicopter parents won’t be shot down.

Grades aren’t high enough

“I don’t come by enough”

“Can he stop after school?”

“Well it’s Spring Break and I’m trying to head out”

“But what is my baby to do, a B- surely won’t help him out”

“You’re taking his honor roll,

don’t you know? This is really important.”

“I’m sorry ma’am I had a plan, a calendar, a website and an instagram.

I’m sorry that the extra credit is not an option for him,

perhaps doing the work will be a benefit to him.

Now I really must go,

a drink awaits,

“No, No, I won’t wait, I will be back here after Spring Break


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