Organization time

I’ve been Feng Sui-ing my house for the start of Spring Break 2015. That’s the thing about a rental, you can only do so much before it hits it’s max cuteness and all other avenues involve renovation. Yesterday as I was changing to do my workout, I decided to move our king size bed with built in headboard and drawers by myself. Basically I am a genius. At least I still got my workout. I think I like how I’ve set up the room despite one door not being able to open completely. We have this funky jigsaw bathroom situation. There is a back bedroom where you must walk thru our room or the baby room to gain access. There is a bathroom in the middle so it’s like a triple jigsaw. Weird yall. Either way I’ve done about all I can do with it and I’m just going to need to move on!

We also decided to put our house in Ga on the rental market so I am working through that process this week and over break. It’s pretty exciting to have the potential to get some money back each month and not still have to pay for utilities in a house we don’t live. I’m looking at it as a nice opportunity to pay off debt and grow from the experience. The beautiful part of renting near a military base is that there are always people to rent to, for which I am so thankful.
Making progress and changes today and this week! Let’s hope for a big tax return so we can get a new couch!


6 thoughts on “Organization time

  1. Catmere says:

    I love to rearrange rooms. Unfortunately, our rooms are so small and our furniture is so large, there are few changes that can be made. I’m glad you had some time to get things moved around a bit without diving into major renovation. Good luck getting your house rented.



    • myeclecticdesk says:

      Yes I feel your pain! Our house was big and we bought our furniture to fit that house, not so much here. I figure the fact that there is barely room to get out of bed is an indication that I should not get out of bed.


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