You might be antisocial if…

I’m what Facebook calls an introverted extrovert. Basically, I can put on my extrovert pants if necessary but it’s draining and really not my favorite. I have a solid 5 friends. Each having essentially the same introverted extrovert personailty.
I love people. I teach and I counsel but by the end of the day, I am done for, and I am so thankful for the quiet time at the end of the day during my workout or drive home. On the weekends this is harder because there is no drive home and getting the workout in is a struggle.  Plus I live in a house of extroverts. They like their people ALL the time.
Last night the hubs and I were invited to a joint Bachelor Bachelorette party. I knew a couple of people there and I was playing kid wrangler.  No big deal. 

Then the women started talking about breast feeding and nipples and I was ready to leave.  Not that I don’t have breasts or nipples,  hell I even fed a kid with them but this was not my comfort zone. 

I went outside. I figured the guy convo had to be better.  Theirs was about the curse of bread on a diet. Lucky for me,  I don’t really like bread.  I waited around a few minutes and joked with my texting friends about ways to leave.

Here are the 5 things that went through my head
1. Take the book you brought and hole up in the bathroom.
2. Baby is sick.
3. Clean something. 
4. Hide in the car.
5. Starving. Must. Get. Food.

Ultimately and truly unfortunately HJ had a blowout and we did leave early. I was happy to come home and read in my book and watch some tv in the quiet. All about the happening Saturday night around here!


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