The Big Beast

IMG_1542 IMG_0048

I can’t write a blog without talking about this babe of a beast.

Round these parts, our dogs are humans. Some days, we look at them and wonder what we were thinking, but most of the times we cuddle up and pretend a dog elbow isn’t jabbing into the soft tissue somewhere.

This is Comet Clifford my baby. He stands level with the oven and will take any opportunity presented to each straight from the oven. In his younger days, he was my running buddy, and now that we have returned to the cool weather of the North, I hope to take him out again.

He was the calm during the Emma storm, the man in my bed during Paul’s deployment and a constant entertainment on a dull day. He loves long walks through shallow water, Cheetos and car rides in the front seat.

He dislikes loud noises, cars shutting doors a million miles away and doggie diets.


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