How Sad Am I!

I am challenging my students tomorrow with this 20Time project. Laura Randazzo is pioneering it in her classroom and I am stealing much of her stuff and tweaking it to make it work with my 8th graders. I am terrified of how parents will react to it, but I am also nervous because I can’t decide what I want to do!

20Time is the idea that we should spend 20% of our time on personal inquiry, one of those things that we never get to do! There is a ton of research on the benefits of this particular type of learning, but essentially, if you get to go after your own interests, you are more productive and more creative.

That being said, I am automatically interested in NOTHING.

Not a single thing. Ish. Part of it is that it has to be beneficial, and useful and something we don’t already know how to do. I have dabbled in many things and the kids think I am good at much more than I actually am!

Here is what I am thinking:

Actually train for a 1/2 marathon (except I already run)

Open a TPT store

Learn how to design blog designs

Learn how to make clipart

What would ya’ll learn if you got to hand over 20% of your time?


11 thoughts on “How Sad Am I!

  1. onathought says:

    More running… more writing… something arty… crochet, mixed media…. Or maybe yoga, or meditation…. Now I’m day dreaming!
    I love the idea of the genius hour. I am finding it hard to implement in my own classroom schedule… which makes me very sad.


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