Rubrics, rubrics everywhere

Before I get started, I want to make it clear that I understand the beauty and benefit of the rubric. 

That being said, I hate them. They are such a time suck, make a rubric to create concrete data for a subjective standard. If I make the rubric and the rubric tests creativity I already know what I think is going to be creative before I read a single paper. 

If you follow my Instagram @roathlindsey, you saw the stacks of papers I was grading. The rubric which was pretty basic still took forever and I think the more time I spend marking boxes the less time I spend making quality worthwhile notes. Before the “every thing must have a rubric” craze I commented a lot, giving specific reasons why I docked points, now I’m supposed to rely on checking a box to make that choice. The boxes fit, but are never quite perfect. 

Plus they take forever. If you make a good one it’s a labor of love and if it’s bad it doesn’t actually measure anything. The whole process is whack. It takes away from the benefit of quick feedback because the grading process takes so long. 

That being said I’m going to have to break things down and test on smaller bits of standards but no one ever wants to have a Let’s Make Rubrics Party…..I need to make those people my friends. 


3 thoughts on “Rubrics, rubrics everywhere

  1. Katy Collins says:

    Oh man…can I relate! Rubrics make me crazy! There is something comforting about their crisp little “objective” boxes, but it is so frustrating when a child quite literally “falls between the lines” and I have no way to make it right. I love and hate them, too.


  2. Kristi Lonheim says:

    Yup! And even a good one you find something you could tweak to make it an even better measure. I am thankful for standards based reporting where the points don’t matter. The shift is freeing, for me and some kids. (Though some still want the exact points – so they can compare – Ugh!)


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