My name is Lindsey, and I change schools every three years…..I said, it. It’s about admitting the problem.

My mom will retire from the same school she has been with for the last 30 years. 30 years! I can’t even begin to imagine what ebb and flow happens within a school during that time frame. Not only do you go through multiple administrations but also various groups of people, teaching methods and “hot” new things.

I won’t ever really retire from a district because like I said above, I am only there for 2-3 years before the military uproots me again. In many ways, this is beautiful for my resume, but also takes a bit of explaining. As teachers, we aren’t supposed to move, it’s a stable career and you should stay there or at least most people do. Sometimes it feels like a mind game and I wonder if that is why at year 8, I finally feel like I figured this teaching thing out. Only to turn around and realize that in another couple years I will start over, in a new state, a new district, and potentially a new grade-level. It’s all so strange.

I choose to take it as a blessing. I’m teaching at a local college because of these experiences and I am thankful to have them. However, learning the ropes every few years and trying to figure out who is who, how things are run and where my support lies is always an eye-opening task.

Do other people do this? Is this just a military thing? If you get it, I would love to hear!


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