Summer Reading: The Book Whisperer

I loved this text. I had several friends who read this for a class and said it was something to pick up.

It was so affirming. I loved that she believed and shows her belief in books throughout the text. She doesn’t talk about things you can’t attain, but merely that texts have power and we should be both readers and encouragers in the process of teaching English or any other subject.

Take Aways

Teachers must have books and recommendations.

Teachers must show students that they are readers and expect students to follow that example.

Students should be allowed to give up on texts, and reading should be a joy. If they don’t finish, no big deal. We don’t have to test on texts or make sure they grasped each minute detail, it makes us crazy as teachers and contributes to hate toward reading.

It really gave me a great take away about the whole class novel. I don’t much mind whole class novels, but I hadn’t thought about them as possibilities for read-alouds which are something I was looking to do anyway. I think I am going to do at least one of our two Touchstone pieces as a read aloud and I am anxious to see what the becomes in someplace other than my mind!


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading: The Book Whisperer

  1. Kristi Lonheim says:

    I encourage anyone who teaches reading to read this book. For me it shifted my thinking. I now consider anything I ask readers in my class to do through the lens of what I do as a reader. Glad you found the book and found affirmation and growth.


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