Writing Club Day 1: Write about all the sounds

Click click click.

And not the cute click, clack moo cows that type, clicking. Just incessant, reoccuring clickerverse. I try not to be a judge of other’s computer usage but this young lady and I are going to go rounds right here in this library. Seriously, I could be looking at a collection of Channing Tatum photographs and not click nearly as much as she is or an attempt to win the lottery by continuing to submit some sort of sweet action Publisher’s Clearing House type activity.

This evening’s meeting has become a sort of callous serendipty in which I am directed to write about the sounds I hear for the next hour. All I can think about is what would happen if I did that in my classroom.

Seriously though, can you imagine sitting and listening to a classroom and documenting all the things you hear? I for one, would be unemployed. Less because of what they are saying and more because of my response to it. I’m basically a part of the bat species, I hear too much already.

I blame debate. I can look at one person and listen directly to what they are saying and snarl at a kid in the corner for using a curse word under his breath, while simultaneously responding to the person I am talking to. I’d like to think this is a skill, but quite frankly, I’d like to turn a deaf ear like my husband, deployments to Iraq will do that to a guy.

But I CAN NOT. I hear all the things.


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