Podcasts, and other things that spend all my money

I love Bookriot’s podcasts. Like I might be an addict. You can get your hit here.

I originally started down the rabbit hole of podcasts a few months ago because my kids go to daycares on different sides of the city. Long story, it’s ridiculous, don’t ask.

Anywhoo, I originally started out with All the Books a podcast about new books that week by two kick ass reader chicks. I have yet to read anything I don’t like. Seriously, and that’s saying something. The downfall is that they are making me very poor, because I want to buy ALL THE BOOKS!

I also really like to run to podcasts, because why not, so I started listening to the new Get Booked podcast. This podcast allows listener submissions and is super awesome. One of the most recent podcasts is about the romance genre and specifically the different kinds of erotica/romance that people were looking for in their reading.

I loved this specific podcast, less because of the book suggestions and more because of women talking openly about sex without shame or cowardice. It was just women having an open conversation about something totally normal and enjoyable. I was taken with how normal the entire conversation was, and I was so proud to be a woman in a generation attempting to change the way women view and are viewed in regards to behaviors discussed.

I am thankful for the women who are pioneering this openness in such a beautiful and fun way. I enjoyed finding something mainstream that didn’t make me feel guilty to listen to or upset about the content. So thanks Get Booked, I am super appreciative of your openness in discussion and recommendations.

Are you a podcast listener?


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